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Perfect quality details ~ Do not miss ~ specifications 140 * 140cm, three colors.

          Shang Xinmei turned over [tears] Imperial Palace-class  2018 new counters for sale [Collage pattern] luxurious long scarf made from cashmere,
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Replica Hermes Bags- –the most attractive French high-end brand in modern times

Hermes Replica, which has been passed down from generation to generation, has become the most attractive French high-end brand in modern times with its exquisite technology and continuous imagination. Replica Hermes Bags artisans, like artists, have carved every piece of product carefully, leaving behind many masterpieces that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Replica Hermes Bags— Kelly

Replica Hermes Bags— Kelly

In 1892, the prototype Hight Bag of Hermes kelly Bag was introduced. In 1930, it was changed to fit for ladies to carry it. At that time, it was a limited edition product of Hermes.Hermes Kelly became famous in Life magazine in 1956 when Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco, was pictured carrying Hermes Kelly with her baby, and Hight Bag has since been changed to Hermes Kelly, sparking a frenzy.In 1980, the new kelly bag was added by 40 centimeters, starting with 28 centimeters, 32 centimeters and 35 centimeters.

The Hermes Kelly bags, made after 1970, have a unique logo in the back strap, with the letters for the factory, then the year, and finally the code for the craftsman.When Replica Hermes Bags, needs to be repaired, it is returned to the craftsman with this number.

Hermes high-end replica pearl white TOGO leather Kelly35 ladies Kelly bag ZP1303106

Bag attribute


Material Exterior: TOGO cowhide Inner: Cowhide Shoulder strap: Fabric

Closed way buckle, lock style style shoulder bag

Internal structure, two pockets, one zipper pocket

Dimensions Length 35cm * Width 11.5cm * Height 24cm Belt height: 10cm Shoulder strap length: 63cm

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